Helping Professionals Shine

Helping Professionals Shine

Helping Professionals Shine Helping Professionals Shine

​​The Real Deal ​Results

 Recently a new client asked me what kind of results people get when working with me. She was curious as to what to be on the look-out for. Below is a brief compilation from my​ client's lists they send me every week. I simply copied and pasted. The sky is the limit when we untangle our brains and get rewired a better way! May these quotes inspire you.

  1. ​​​​I am happier!
  2. I entertained over 50 people in my house last weekend. I usually get flustered and forget names when introducing guests to each other. I remembered every single name!
  3. Sleeping better!
  4. Anxiety reduced
  5. Memory is better
  6. Scheduling is improving
  7. ​Motivation has improved
  8. Anxiety during the night dramatically reduced
  9. No motion sickness on flight
  10. I now know with clarity what to do with my life
  11. I'm pretty calm and clear-headed
  12. Feeling balanced
  13. The [brain] exercises work for helping me get focused and stay focused
  14. ​After effortlessly cleaning the garage in one day, I was motivated to clean out back of car
  15. Less stress
  16. Less overwhelmed
  17. I am not as controlled by other events
  18. ​I am feeling confident!
  19. My claustrophobia isn't bothering me nearly as much. Unbelievable.
  20. Stood up for self!!
  21. ​I am feeling more peaceful! I realize how much I want it so that is something to keep working on.
  22. I am excited to know what to do next in my life and to have helpful tools to get me there!
  23. "Hook-ups" (brain exercise movement) - I feel an absolute sense of calmness wash over me while doing this movement.
  24. Feeling mentally sharper
  25. Procrastination levels are down, productivity is up!
  26. ​I just feel pretty good about everything!