Helping Professionals Shine

Helping Professionals Shine

Helping Professionals Shine Helping Professionals Shine


"I am sleeping so much better, I am able to set astonishing clear boundaries, I am profoundly more calm, relationships with family and friends has improved tremendously and I am happy! Thank you, thank you, Dorothy!" 

                                                  L.S., Nurse, Alberta, Canada

Dorothy Gray

 For over 30 years my passion has been helping hundreds of people become better versions of themselves - more confident and happy, living life more effortlessly. My personalized programs are designed to give you results that are transformative. You receive high-impact, customized results to unlock your inner potential and super charge your life and career.

With extensive training and background my programs are richly based in energy work, neuroscience, mind-body learning and high level performance. As we untangle brain connections caused by stress and new ones are created your brain is sharper and more creative. Clear communication between the brain and body produces profound calmness, confidence and joy!

Medical professionals, business owners, university professors and entrepreneurs get stunning results from my personalized programs, including:

  • reduced stress and anxiety 
  • better memory
  • increased focus 
  • setting clear boundaries 
  • being more organized
  • de-cluttering their lives 
  • sleeping better 
  • finding their passions
  • ​ reduced burnout 

It is fills my heart to see professional women become more calm, confident, getting the raise they deserve, interviewing for the jobs they want, being more organized and have energy for themselves at the end of the day. And the very best part is, they are happier. 


  • ​Licensed Brain Gym® Teacher 
  • Rhythmic Movement Training Practitioner 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Teacher
  • Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner & Teacher, QTTP/T